Caring For You

At New Life church we love God and love people. We see our church as family and share life together.

Please contact us if:

  • You would like to talk to someone from the church

  • You would like prayer for yourself or someone else

We also offer support with important events such as Births, Marriages, Deaths and Baptisms

Dedication of a baby or child

We believe children are a gift of God and thank God for this blessing through the act of dedication, which is:

  • giving thanks to God for the new life

  • setting them apart for God

  • parents making promises to bring them up in line with scripture

  • blessing them and praying God’s protection over them


Scripture tells us “Believe and be baptised.” Mark 16:15.

If you have come to believe in Jesus and have decided to follow Him then we strongly encourage you to “take the plunge”. It is a powerful public statement of what you believe and spiritually significant.

We celebrate those getting baptised, having died to a life without God and risen to a new life in Jesus by immersing them in water. It’s a time of telling others something of their story of what Jesus has done for them.

We ask everyone we baptise to attend a short teaching session beforehand.