Having a baby is exciting but also challenging we would like to help support you and share with you.

A female pastoral team member would love to come and visit the expectant mum to be before her due date to talk and pray over the coming birth. So do let us know when mum to be is due.

You can also let us know when labour starts and will send it around our prayer chain so we can pray.

In the days following it may be possible to organise home cooked meals for you if you choose.

We believe children are a gift of God and thank God for his blessing through the act of dedication. Dedicating babies often forms part of our Big Sunday morning services where all the church family are together.

Dedication is:

  • giving thanks for this new life

  • setting them apart for God

  • parent making promises to bring them up in line with scripture

  • bless them and pray God’s protection over them

We ask parents and God parents where possible to attend a short teaching session beforehand to understand the promises they are making before God.