On this page you will find testimonies of peoples encounter with God, do check regularly to see updates


Following our healing service in December here are some stories of Gods greatness.

I went forward for prayer for sleeplessness and stress the following week I slept really well and was less stressed

I was so encouraged that God had spoken to me in a dream about left shoulders and a security guard as two people present had bad left shoulders and one had even be a security guard and one reports it no longer hurts

One person reported that they just cried and could not stop even when they got home but did not know why. When the presence of the Holy spirit is so strong it can moves us.


Ted’s  Testimonial 



At our Big Sunday service we asked the question what does Grace mean to you? here are some thoughts

Grace is everything to me
It is in everything I see
God’s blessing on my family
Or simply new leaves on a tree.

How can I thank him enough?
Even when life gets tough.
He is there day by day
Loving me, come what may.

He hung there, dying on a cross
While no one else gave a toss
Love poured out, the ultimate grace
So that one day, we will see him face to face