Our Vision

Mission – (the reason we exist)

We exist to be a worshipping community, at the heart of the National Forest who are carriers of faith, hope, love and the good news of Jesus. Leading individuals, families, communities and nations on a journey of knowing God, through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us.


Vision – (what are we believing for)

This is our vision for where we believe God is leading us. We are a Kingdom-focussed church bringing New Life as we seek to Share, Connect and Grow.


Share (Sharing Jesus)

A church which sees the lost saved

A church that is known, not just for what we do, but for who we worship

A church where miracles happen daily, people are healed & captives set free


Connect (Connecting people)

A church that is a voice in the community, serving others and bringing unity

Church that is a Life-giving family

A caring church that supports each other and where people find meaningful relationships


Grow (Growing in God)

People continuing to Love Jesus and growing in faith, living their God given purpose and dreams

Church that is so full of the Holy Spirit that He flows out, so we don’t just talk but act in power

Church that is outgrowing its building and borders


Values – (What makes us who we are)

As a group of people we hold these core values in seeking to be who we are in Jesus and will influence how we work towards our vision:


Mission motivated -  Looking for and taking every opportunity to share Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him, making disciples.

Holy Spirit led –Gods power at work in us, through us and in other

Bible centred - is God’s Word it’s life giving, a guide and authority for every aspect of our lives

Prayer focused – is at the heart of everything and is life changing.

Committed. - committed to God, to one another and the church.  This means we serve, respect and honour one another.

Generous.  Giving generously from what God has given us in time, talents and treasures.

Continuous transformation - Desire to Learn and Grow.  Being willing to grow and become more like Jesus.

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