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This will be mine and Rob's third trip to Rwanda. We join Marjore Niblock, a retired palliative care nurse, who runs the mission and our role is to train church volunteers to visit pallative care patients in their own home and then we go out with them whilst we are there. We also provide health education sessions and blood pressure clinics, blood sugar monitoring and deliver CPR and abdominal thrust training to the community whilst we are there.

When Covid struck, and we were unable to visit, we had the opportunity to employ a palliative care Rwandan nurse 2 days a month who was able to train and go out with the volunteers, the regular generous support of New life church has enabled this to keep going. This has been a very exciting development and we are looking forward to seeing how the carers and volunteers have benefitted from this.

A new ministry to the mums of down syndrome children seems to have found us whilst we have been going and we support them with medication, clothes and health care cards too. Our long-term plan is to be able to continue to grow the work which we do there, and to fund our volunteers who are able and want to, to become nurses.

We take out with us medications- mainly pain relief, toiletries particularly soap, incontinence pads, stoma bags, BP and BM machines, reading glasses-the supermarket type, baby/small child clothes, seeds, notebooks, pens. The list is a bit endless they have so little it is just prioritising what we can get in. Their healthcare system requires them to buy a yearly card to see a doctor and it costs the equivalent of £3. We try to fund as many of these as we can too.

For more information about what we are doing, please click on the website link below

Rob & Sharon

Creative Solutions Rwanda Project

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